Swiss Beauty Lab developes innovative cosmetics and professional skin care solutions. Our products are made in Switzerland and we use only the best and most effective ingredients. Swiss Beauty Lab products are available by invitation only and directly from our laboratory. We serve only a restricted amount of preferred clients due to the high quality and the extended and specialized manufacturing process of our cosmetics. 

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In the cosmetics industry research and development are the most important part of the manufacturing process of modern cosmetic products. New and highly effective ingredients are being developed every day around the world. Swiss Beauty Lab analyzes these ingredients, is testing their efficiency and selects only the best and most effective for their own new formulas. Very often different recipes are developed and tested before a new product is created that is made under the name of Swiss Beauty Lab.

Our Prices

Swiss Beauty Lab is the producer. Our preferred clients pay no marketing costs or retail margins.

At Swiss Beauty Lab you pay only what's inside!